Tranza Studios aims to create a new wave of cinema pan-India and to setup organized film production in North India. Producing and distributing films that stand out in all aspects as a meeting ground of art and commercial, creating a parallel to the industry system for creators and artists along with a genuine audience that wants to see Meaningful Cinema. 


Currently,  in 2020 we have released/ releasing


we have built a great profile with our films in Chandigarh with:

- Wide engagement on YouTube.

- Genuine and steady viewership on each of our films.

- Winning various Film Festivals & Accolades across the globe.

- Gaining a great amount of appreciation from regular  audiences and filmmakers.


The YEAR 2021 will be a game-changer for our company and Indie cinema as we plan to PRODUCE A MINIMUM of 6 industry level SHORT FILMS. Out of which 4 will be independently produced and distributed on the Tranza Studios YouTube channel and 2 big projects will be produced and distributed on an Industry scale.


in making indie films regularly
by a ₹200 subscription 

By subscribing to our monthly CROWD FUNDING CAMPAIGN where you can help us to continue creating Independent Art Cinema on a larger scale and on a regular basis. To achieve our targets of new releases every month. 


In return you will be:

1. Mentioned in the Special Thanks credits at the end of each of our film upload on YouTube / OTT platforms

2. You will be mentioned in the special thanks in the description of all our videos of the month on YouTube description 

4. One subscriber will get the chance to be on the set of our film each month on a random lucky draw basis

Become a 
in our next film production 

By becoming a partner in our next film production you will be entitled the the following deliverable:

1. Your logo will be placed in the beginning and at the end of our film with the title of "production partners"

2. We will be promoting you on our Instagram and Facebook as Partner in the film with a special post for you and logo placement in some of the promotional materials 

3. You will be mentioned in all the descriptions of our YouTube releases as 

"production partners" in the particular film 

Become the
of our next film production 

By becoming the Title Sponsor of our next film production you will be entitled the the following deliverable:

1. Your logo will be placed separately in the beginning of the film followed by a title of "In association with 'your company name' "

2. You will also be credited at the associate producer of the film at the end. With your logo displayed again at the end of each film.

3. Your logo will be present in ALL the promotional materials of the film including the posters, trailer, teaser etc across all media platforms

4. You will be mentioned specifically in all our promotional campaigns and press releases for the film. 

What happens next once the payment is cleared?
- A representative from Tranza Studios will contact you immediately with the details of our current film projects that are in production and which you choose to move forward with as a Partner/ Sponsor along with various other details of the project. 

Still confused?

- Email us directly on info.tranzastudios@gmail.com , with Film Partner/Sponsor as subject along with your contacts details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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