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Written & Directed by

Produced by


Skin to Skin Talks

GENRE : Documentary 

RUNNING TIME :    12 minutes

"The dark skin alien landed in the unknown, unfamiliar and unique landscape from the infinite darkness. He sought stable fertile ground like a dandelion seed floating in the air.

The alien tries to make sense of the new realities of this "New" land. He meets the native species; they look different from him. They don't accept him as he looks different and has no references to his kind of aliens. Walking through the unknown landscape, lonely in search of a kiss, he tries many ways to be one of them. Rejected and disowned, he immerses himself in the cold river of isolation to to heal the wounds of exclusion all over his skin.

Tired of trying to feel belonged, the alien lay on a white bedsheet in his room, eyes closed. He remembers the warm spring breeze and flowers from his native land. In the dream, he sees the spring flowers bloom all over the body. The alien falls asleep and dreams of becoming fertile soil.

In his dream, the alien finds solace in the dark underground. He dances to worship the goddess of self-realization. The goddess has a rule; one can not feel self-realization unless one kisses someone, alive or dead, on the dancefloor. No one kisses him; he finds a dead fish on the dancefloor. He makes love with the dead fish. As soon as he kisses the dead fish, he realizes his self-identity and becomes more potent than his unfulfilled desire and loneliness. The alien stares and smiles at the infinity of powerful darkness; nothing can make me lonely anymore.

Now the alien has transformed into a powerful goddess of self-realization." 

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